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We maintain a lot of gardens. Many are large, beautiful spaces with well-established trees, beds and borders, large lawns, areas of meadow and water. These gardens are full of examples of gorgeous planting, much of it that has lost its way over the years due to ‘gardeners’ overzealous use of hedge trimmers to round or square off anything that dares to grow in a natural manner.


This treatment can take time to undo, to get some relaxed form back into the garden.

It is fair to suggest that maintaining an existing garden is fairly formulaic, the seasons dictate the work you do to a large extent, each visit carried out in a time-honoured fashion.

This doesn’t make garden maintenance dull or lacking in skill, the thrill is partly experiencing each season from start to finish and also being part of that space reaching its full potential in each cycle. Seeing the joy, it brings the clients as they recount tales of a weekend spent entertaining guests who ooo’ed and ahh’ed at the explosion of colours and scent and how proud they felt about it.

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